Hello friends. 

I wanted to share a video with you all today. I was really inspired and truely touched by logic’s performance tonight at the VMA’s and I wanted to share it all with you if you haven’t seen it. It is a message about equality for all. A message to bring awareness to suicide and anxiety. I love this album and all it stands for. Please give the video a watch. ❤

Thanks for watching. 

Sarah xxx​


Feminism and Haters (Reuploaded)

I wrote this I believe right after donald trump was elected president. Just a little insight on my mind.

Hi loves!

How are you guys? This past couple week have been so depressing for me. I honestly have spent most of it in my room. On January 20th, Donald Trump was sworn into presidency. I was distraught. I myself am a feminism and liberal. I believe everyone should have the same rights and be treated with love and kindness unless given reason not to.

I was raised to love and accept everyone. I was raised surrounded by people of different religions, ethnicities, and sexuality. I never had a problem with any of it. I used to get bullied in primary school because I would stick up for little boys or girls supports gay rights. But it never bothered me, I was doing what I believed in. Now we have a racist, sexist, homophobic man running our county. I am willing to give anyone a try but, as soon as disrespect me or other people I back away. I am all for everyone doing what they believe in. But what when you believe in discriminating other people because of their beliefs and heritage then you need to take a step back and look at your life.

Over the weekend Millions of women, men, and children marched. They marched to show that we aren’t giving up. They marched to show that feminism isn’t demanding women get more than men, they’re demanding equality for all. They marched to show that we will ban together and embrace who we are.

I was planning to march but a few days before I got a concussion, that doesn’t mean I didn’t take action. I donated to planned parent hood and spent my day watching it live on CNN and supporting anyone posting about on social media. I have had people tell me ‘oh your a femnazi.’ Because  wanting women to be treated equally is the same thing as storming Germany and killing innocent people. NO. I am proud to be a feminist and anyone who try to tell me otherwise can please get off my page. Thank you.

Sarah xx

Im sorry for the rant.. I have had  a lot of people in my life lately telling me that feminism is wrong. But I disagree so I thought I would share my view.