Rekindling Old Friendships

Hello Everyone!

Today something quite strange happened to me. I was just hanging out at home and I got a notification that my old friends had asked to follow me on Instagram. A little background on them…

I met these 2 people 5 years ago when I moved here. After a year we all became really good friends. It is a boy and a girl. I dated the boy off and on for a year and was best friends with the girl. After me and the guy decided to call it quits him and my best friend started dating. They were the schools power couple and I just kinda got left in the dust. when they first started dating is when they boy got worse. He would make comments about my weight and appearance and I know it was all jokes but it really hurt. It was the main reason for why my eating disorder got out of control. I decided to cut them out of my life. And that worked. until it didn’t. Then suddenly all my friends just decided they didn’t like me and they liked them more. So I was left with no friends. We haven’t talked in maybe a year and half.

Now these people have been such a big part of my life. They were my best friends and I will always care for them. I’m actually talking to the guy right now on snapchat. For the past 2 year the guy has begged for my forgiveness he feels so bad for what he did and I know he didn’t mean it . He’s a sweet kid. The girl said she’s sorry sand wants to make amends. My question is how do I know this wont happen again. I don’t. So its a big risk for me. and my mom is going to KILL me. she hates them both for what they have done. she would never let me see them. EVER. UUUGH!! I’ts just so frustrating. Any advice?

Thanks for listening ❤

Sarah xxx


2 thoughts on “Rekindling Old Friendships

  1. Well, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to go back to being friends with them. But if that’s what you want, then if they start acting the same way as before, you should cut them off as soon as possible.


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