Stangers (Reuploaded)

That time I met someone who made me look at life differently

Today I met the most amazing girl who could write the most beautiful poetry. She was strong and had the scars to prove it. Some still fresh. I saw this girl who wore a ripped sweatshirt and ripped shorts with knee socks and immediately stereotyped her as someone I wouldn’t get along with. I told myself we would never get along because we were already so different. There I was in heels and a designer shirt with a pink bag and she was my complete opposite. It wasn’t until I started to talk to her did I realize how wrong I was. I saw so much of her in me. and me in her. She had an old and kind soul and a heart of gold. She spoke with such little confidence in herself when she was the most astonishing poet. I realize now how wrong I was. I know I will probably never see the girl again, she was just someone I happened to cross paths with at a coffeeshop, but her words affected me so much. Here is a line from one of her poems that touched my heart.

This made me think so much. I questioned my whole life sitting in this tiny hole in the wall coffee shop. For those people who cant live there lives as themselves, including me. Recreate your self. Create a new you that you can love. Because you do deserve to be loved by yourself.

To the girl I’ll most likely never see again, thank you.

Sarah xx


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