Seizures and Youtube (Reuploaded)

I wrote this beginning of April when I first started having seizures. Things with the guy didn’t end up working out. Enjoy 😉

Hi lovelies!

A lot has happened this past week.. heres a little insight…

  • I was in the hospital on Wednesday
  • I asked a guy to prom
  • I went on my first date
  • I got my first kiss
  • I ended things with the guy I asked to prom
  • I was in the hospital last night

Yeah, a lot has happened. The major thing to me is the multiple hospital visits. I started to have these episode a few weeks ago and they just continue to get worse. Last night I passed out and was twitching for a full hour. We went to the hospital and they seem to think its a type of rare seizures that runs in my family. I am honestly really scared, I have seen people have seizure and not make it, I’ve heard stories about the horror of seizures. I’m going to a neurologist soon but I’m still worried that it’s going to happen again before I see this doctor.

Things with my prom date have been complicated!!! I’m just going to tell you guys its not a thing anymore. I’m just going with my friends.

I have been contemplating starting a youtube channel recently. I have a friend in the blogging world that has a huge blog and started a youtube channel and I really enjoy watching her vlog, and do Q & A’s. I’m quite nervous to start one because I’m afraid someone I know will find out.. any advice?

thanks for listening loves! ❤

Sarah xx


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