Mindful Living (Reuploaded)

This is a technique I use to deal with my social anxiety. I thought I would share it with you all ūüôā

Hello Lovelys!

Sorry its been so long since I wrote! Finals have got me stressed!!

Today I thought I’d share a little bit of my life. This past summer I joined a group therapy that specialized in teaching mindfulness to young women. ¬†Mindfulness is¬†a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. I use this¬†technique everyday when I face day to day problems.¬†

Whenever I’m anxious or need to get away from a situation I think about mindfulness. I close my eyes and take a deep breathe. In for 3 seconds, out for 4 seconds. I repeat until I have calmed myself down enough to open my eyes. As I open my eyes I pick one object or person to focus on, it helps ease my mind and heart rate. While I am focusing on the object/person, I acknowledge my worries and tell myself to accept them. This technique usually works for me when I am having a rough day.¬†

If the combination above doesn’t work, I will leave the room, or wherever I am and take a minute outside. It is crazy what a bit of fresh air will do to your mood. I always try to find a abandon bench or steps to sit on. I close my eyes and go back to my favorite memory. I sit there reliving the moment. After I can picture the moment I start to focus on specific senses. What can I smell? What can I feel? What can I hear? Whenever I do this I always picture my trip to Cape Cod. My entire family and my moms college best friends family, who I am super close with, rented houses on the beach and it was the best week of my life. The specific ¬†memory I like to think about is our last night there. All the kids spent the week making this HUGE fire pit and rolling up logs for a camp fire. We stayed out there all night. I can still picture my baby sister asleep on my moms lap. I can still smell the smell of burning wood and salt water wavering in the air. I remember the rush of adrenalin when we ran into the freezing water in the middle of the night.

I am still in¬†therapy¬†twice a week dealing with my issues but my favorite¬†thing about it is, my art¬†therapy session. I¬†don’t understand why, but with art I can just say everything on a canvas. We¬†don’t even¬†have¬†to¬†talk and my¬†therapist knows what I am thinking. I think everyone with anxiety should at least try art therapy! It has helped me so much.¬†

These past few weeks we have been creating¬†strength¬†cards, A deck of card of what we think our strengths are or what we like about¬†our selfs. At first I found this¬†extremely difficult. I hate thinking about my¬†self in a¬†positive way. I¬†always have. After a¬†session of doing nothing cause I¬†couldn’t think of a¬†strength, she sent me home with 5 copies of a list of¬†strengths. She told me to give it 5 people I love and trust and have them check my strengths. It was¬†brilliant! I handed them out¬†to the people I love the most. My mom, my¬†best friend,¬†and my new friends! They¬†all sent them back with such positive feedback. I¬†immediately¬†started on the¬†project. I Loved it! I have made 50¬†+ cards. I¬†have cards about strengths, people, places and phrases I love. I take them¬†everywhere. Whenever I start to have bad thoughts or just start feeling sad, I¬†pull them out and look¬†through them. They always¬†cheer me up! Here are some of my favorites¬†‚ėü


Self help (left) Love (right)

 Compassion (left) Paint more or creativity (right)

Kind (left) All better, relax (right)

If you have anxiety or depression, I highly suggest making some of these! Thanks for reading!! 

Sarah xx

Ps I¬†don’t¬†know why the fonts are all messed up!¬†I’m working to try to fix it. haha


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