Life Updates and Cotton Candy Grapes (Reuploaded)

Explaining whats going on in my life in early June

Hi lovelies!

It feels like its been forever since I did a blog post! Anyhoo, a lot has happened in the last month or so that I must update you all on! But first I have to tell you guys about these amazing grapes. They are literally called cotton candy grapes and taste just like cotton candy. They’re normal grapes but taste exactly like cotton candy. *mindblow* sorry for the random side track but I had to share that with you guys

Umm where to start?! OK well I went to Prom!! I didn’t think I would be able to go, with my seizures and all but my parents made a deal with the school that allowed me to attend my prom. I was so happy and am extremely grateful I got to go. Heres a few pictures..

(Sorry all the rest are with other people and I don’t have there permission to post them)😝

Some other things that have happened.

  • I am back in school full-time ❤ which I am extremely happy about
  • I am almost 3 weeks free of seizures :))) Again, extremely extremely happy about
  • K sold his house and is going to be leaving in July
  • I found out that I might be moving?!

Let me go more into detail about that. So if you are a long time reader you will know that I used to live in the beautiful city known as Boston. I moved to Seattle at the beginning of 4th grade. Boston is my home and probably always will be. Most of my childhood was there and that’s where all my family is. These past couple months I have been really down in the dumps and not really myself. thinking of going to visit Boston always lifts my spirits  My mom has been joking about moving back to Boston for a good 6 months now. Then maybe 2 weekends ago she straight up asked me. “Sarah what would you think if we moved back to Boston?” At first I was shocked. But after a few seconds I just said “Hell yeah”. I love it in Seattle, I really do, but its not home. We won’t be moving until my brother finishes his senior year, he’s only a junior, but in a year I will be back to my home. I don’t have many friends here anyways and the friends I do have are graduating, moving, or are just not really great friends. So I have been overjoyed with the news of the move. Honestly if we packed up and moved in the next week, I would be ok with it..

I feel like thats enough to dump on you all. That’s my life at the moment.

All the best

Sarah xxx



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