House Arrest (Reuploaded)

At this point in my life I was having a seizure everyday 😦

Hi loves!

These past few weeks have been pretty eventful for me. But first and foremost, I hope you all had a lovely easter and enjoyed, or are enjoying your spring break! I know my spring break was greatly appreciated! Anyway.. I have basically been on 24 hour surveillance by my parents lately. They don’t let me out of their sight incase I have a seizure. The only time I ever got away was school and that ended in a disaster. Let me explain..

I went to school last Monday and had a seizure in the main common room. It was so embarrassing. I then had another one Wednesday and they had to call 911 so there were 4 paramedics, the owner of the school, all my teachers, friends, and classmates witnessed it all. I was mortified!!!

They then called my parents and said I can’t return because I am am a liability. Until I have a doctors note saying I can return I don’t leave the house. So for the past week I’ve been cooped up in my bedroom, extremely depressed and sad. My friends promised they would come see me yet I’ve had no one come. I know It’s silly of me but it just makes me worry that they’re going to forget all about me and move on. They all have been posting pictures together and going out, and then theres me that sits in my room watching tv in my bed and hoping my parents will let me walk to the mailbox by myself.

I understand its all for my safety, but it’s so frustrating! arrguhh!! I go see a doctor tomorrow so fingers crossed they let me go back to school and live my life again. Now it’s another sleepless night. yay!

Night lovelies!

Sarah xxx

sorry for the mopey post, just my life right now 😦


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