Future Tattoos (Reuploaded)

I love this post! It just makes me smile haha

Hey lovelies!

Today I thought I would talk a bit about tattoos. Tattoos are something I have always loved but will probably never get on lol. Recently One of my teachers recently got a watercolor tattoo of a lavender plant and its so gorgeous!! It look like a work of art! That inspired me to look up some tattoos I would maybe like, so I thought I would share them all with you!!

First I thought going with something that Is apart of me. In our society feminism is considered disgusting. I strongly disagree I think everyone should have “girl power.”

next I have this. one of my favorite quotes is this …

“; – the option to stop, but the choice to keep going.” It just reminds me whenever I have trouble in  my life to make the choice to keep going.

This one represents an ocean. I feel most at home by the sea and at the beach so this was perfect.

This one is a tattoo I know I will get when I’m 18. It stands for equality. Among genders, races, religion, sexuality, sex, everything! I absolutely love it.

“breathe” thats what I forgot to do most of the time. I have panic disorder and anxiety so whenever I have a panic attack I just need to breathe. So this is just a good self sooth reminder

And finally… A disney tattoo!  disney is a huge part of my life and it always will be. This represent peter pan, “second star to the right and straight on til morning” I’m still chasing Neverland.

Those are all the tattoos I love at the moment and hope to get a few of them 😉

Until next time

Sarah xx


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