A Poem (Reuploaded)

A little poem I wrote a few months ago 🙂

She smiled

yet she was lost

She was quiet

She would never tell

how she felt

They was pushed

and kicked

But she stood back up

bruised and alone

He saw her

The real her

The one who

cared too much

The one who

did no wrong

He saw her

but the mask blinded her

She would forgive

and forgot to the

souls who broke her

But she would never


Every word

was engraved in her brain

Every laugh every smile

was a lie after that day

The day she become broken

Well it seems that way

He was the quiet one

The one who watched from afar

She loved too much

But was never loved back

He had lost so much

yet still saw hope

Something she hasn’t discovered

cause it was too good to be true

She excepted nothing

So when he gave her the world

It fell to pieces

Just like her

Each of their worlds were too much

Yet. Never enough

He loved the girl he never knew but he knew her better than anyone

Even herself

She loved poison

Her life was a lie

She knew she was breaking

But she would never cry

The tears turned to ashes

which soon turned to dust.

Now it had blown away With all the tears she’s cried

He gave her a chance.

She took it in her hands

broken and afraid

She was his world

Yet she never knew he would be hers

They picked up the pieces of a broken world

Put it back together and somehow…

A ocean connected them at heart


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