A note to Little ME (Reuploaded)

Probably my favorite post I’ve done so far 🙂 Whenever I’m feeling down I go back and read this.  Enjoy ❤ xx

Dear Little Me,

Hi beautiful. “Wait why am I calling myself beautiful” because sweetheart, you are. You are going to go through most of your life thinking you are disgusting, and ugly, and worthless, but honey, you’re not. You are loved and cherished,  wanted, and beautiful. You will have people in the future who you will trust with you life, only to try and tear it down. There will also be people you barley know now, that will save your life. Cherish the moment you have when you’re young. Cherish the memories. and also remember you are beautiful. you are wanted.

Remember when you would stand in front of a mirror and just scowl at your appearance? Now you stand  tall and smile at how far you have come. Cause baby girl, you have overcome so much. You will go through rough times, times where your life is in danger, but you always get through it. You believe that everything happens for a reason. You are still a strong believer of that.

You get sick. Really sick. But the people you love will bring you back to life. You loose people, people you love that didn’t love you, and people who were gone too young. Those losses make who you are. You make unexpected friendships. But they’re the type of friendships that last a lifetime. You fall in love. Only to be hurt by the one you love. You learn to trust. You put your trust in others. You change lives.

Now you can’t do all that if you are dead. Can you?

So stand tall, stick up to bullies. and always remember that the only love you need… is your own.


Sarah xx


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